UN Campaign: stand up against poverty

UN Campaign: stand up against poverty

New Delhi: In its effort to press international governments on poverty alleviation, the UN Millennium Campaign involved 116 million people across the world — including 14.5 million in India — in its Stand Up Against Poverty campaign. The campaign, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “largest single mobilization of people for a social cause," involved a range of community activities, such as tree-planting and teaching initiatives, and “Stand Up" moments during cricket matches.

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“But the goal was not to break the Guinness Record," says Minar Pimple, deputy director, Asia, of the UN Millennium Campaign. “The goal was to break the record of broken promises, from governments, on their commitments to the Millennium Development Goals."

On the same day, 30 members of Parliament launched a parliamentary group to help formulate governmental strategy on the Goals.