Just to Clarify: Episode 1

Just to Clarify: Episode 1

Just to Clarify is, at its core, an explainer show. Very often, we read about events and processes in the newspaper that can’t be fully explained because of a lack of space. How does short selling work? What is a subprime loan? Why did an election go one way and not another?

On Just to Clarify, we’ll try to take you behind that news, to talk to experts and better understand how or why things work the way they do. If you want something explained on the show, please do write in to us at samanth.s@livemint.com.

We’ve heard a lot since Barack Obama’s election to the presidency of the US, about his administration’s prospective economic impact on India. But what are the key differences between a Democrat approach to economics and a Republican approach? How far apart are these two, really, on the economic spectrum? And in these economically muddled times, will a Democrat approach to the financial crisis be vastly different from a Republican approach?657140e8-b13d-11dd-ab82-000b5dabf613.flv

To answer these questions, our guest on Just to Clarify is Rajeev Anantaram, a senior fellow at the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations. Dr. Anantaram holds a Ph.D. in public policy and applied economics from the University of Pittsburgh. He was previously senior economist and head at CRISIL New Delhi, and he has worked for think tanks, non profits and the private sector in both India and the US.

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