Mumbai: In an attempt to increase pressure on Congress to give up more seats, senior Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader and Rajya Sabha member Praful Patel said, “We will not have an alliance with Congress by compromising our honour and prestige."

Speaking with reporters in Mumbai on Saturday, Patel said, “I would not like to disclose the number of additional seats, we have asked from Congress but we have given them a certain proposal and we are waiting for their response."

There is large section in our party which wants NCP to contest on its own as they feel, NCP has better chance to win more seats, if it contests independently, so we will not accept any seat sharing formula which hurts our dignity, he added.

Ever since Lok Sabha election results are out, NCP is claiming that it is now a bigger party in the state and seat sharing formula between Congress and NCP should be changed drastically. In recently concluded Lok Sabha elections while Congress won two seats in the state NCP won four seats in Maharashtra.

The NCP leaders like deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar have publicly demanded that, NCP should either contest equal number of seats in 288 member state assembly or NCP should go on its own.

In 2009 assembly elections, while Congress contested 174 seats, NCP had contested 114 seats.

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