London: Ahead of his maiden UK visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said he will chart an ambitious long-term agenda along with his British counterpart David Cameron to take the bilateral strategic ties to a new level.

Expressing his “excitement" about the upcoming three-day UK tour starting 12 November, Modi described the bilateral relationship as “not an ordinary one" in a special article for The Sunday Times. “I am looking forward to my visit to the United Kingdom with anticipation and excitement. Britain is a special partner, and ours is no ordinary relationship," he wrote.

“I see great promise and potential in our relationship ahead. Britain’s economic resurgence is impressive. Its culture of innovation in technology and services sustains its leadership in many areas," Modi added.

Describing Britain as a “special partner", Modi said the upcoming visit will be a celebration of the “diversity and breadth" of ties. “This is a shared endeavour that our people so richly deserve and our world so clearly needs," he wrote.

Highlighting that India-UK ties address the “aspirations of our societies and the needs of our times in a significant measure", Modi wrote, “Britain outranks nearly every country in the world in its investment in India, and Indians invest more in Britain than in the rest of European Union combined."

Talking about India’s efforts to achieve peace and stability in the Asian region, Modi said, “We seek the same future for our neighbours that we desire for India. We will be unrelenting in our efforts to achieve a stable, democratic South Asia, joined together in shared prosperity."

He highlighted that India was now engaging more in West Asia, not just to protect its vital interests but also in support of the region’s effort to be at peace with itself. “And, having just hosted 54 African countries, including its 42 leaders, India is deepening its partnership for the continent’s rise to a prosperous future," Modi added.

The Prime Minister arrives in London on 12 November. He is scheduled to lunch with Queen Elizabeth II and participate in a host of engagements with his British counterpart David Cameron. PTI