Lessons in crime

Lessons in crime

The Central Bureau of Investigation has opened its doors to the children of Delhi. It is now allowing groups students to come in every Friday to examine various hi-tech gadgets and procedures used to solve crime in India.

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The departments scrutinized by the kids include the documentation room, which gives a detailed presentation on how forged documents are handled; the fingerprint room, which bags and analyses fingerprints left behind at a crime scene.

To the delight of the students, one lucky person gets to be the ‘criminal’ and take their fingerprint back home in an evidence bag.

But the highlight is a visit to the cyber forensics lab. Here, students get to record different impressions of their voice and are then shown how the voice track can be used to identify the speaker.

Sujeet Pandey, DIG for training at the CBI says the feedback from the kids is not only encouraging but at times quite hilarious.