Traffic violators may have to pay more insurance premium

Traffic violators may have to pay more insurance premium

New Delhi: Frequent traffic violators may end up paying more insurance premium, as the government is contemplating such a move to check increasing incidences of road accidents.

Union Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta said the government was looking at various options to increase deterrence against violating traffic rules.

“One way is to increase the insurance premium of vehicles which are challaned twice," he said inaugurating the Annual Road Safety Exhibition 2007 at India International Trade Fair 2007 here.

Such a practice exists in some of the western countries, he added.

Gupta emphasised the need for better planning with regard to traffic control and inculcating into people civic sense, which would restrain them for going against the laws.

“When we go abroad, we tend to follow all rules but inside our own country we ignore them and bypass them. There is a need for a change," he said.

Gupta stressed on the need of ‘car-pooling´ for the denizens to reduce the vehicular crowd on the roads.

Terming the vehicular composition in the capital roads as mixture of cars, buses, trucks and rickshaws, he said there was a need for good public transport system so that everyone prefers to travel by it.

Echoing Gupta’s words, city Police Commissioner Y.S. Dadwal said, “There is a need for attitudinal and behavioural change in the motorists. They must be sensitive to the well-being of people." He also favoured a stringent system to issue driving licences like that of passports.