New Delhi: The 11 July Una incident, in which four Dalits were beaten up by self-appointed cow protectors, has triggered much conversation around the community. To know more about the life of Dalits, their challenges and stories of some community members who rose against all odds, here’s a list of 14 must reads.

1) Annihilation of Caste by B.R. Ambedkar

2) Om Prakash Valmiki’s Joothan- An Untouchable′s Life (translated by Arun P. Mukherjee)

3) Narendra Jadhav’s Untouchables: My Family’s Triumphant Escape from India’s Caste System

4) Baby Kamble’s The Prisons We Broke

5) Kanshiram – Leader of the Dalits by Narayan Badri

6) Behenji: A Political Biography of Mayawati by Ajoy Bose

7) Why I am not a Hindu: A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Economy by Kancha Ilaiah

8) Buffalo Nationalism: A Critique of Spiritual Fascism by Kancha Ilaiah

9) Dr Ambedkar And Untouchability: Analysing And Fighting Caste by Christophe Jaffrelot

10) Defying the Odds: The Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs by Chandra Bhan Prasad, Devesh Kapur, D. Shyam Babu

11) Writing Caste/Writing Gender: Narrating Dalit Women’s Testimonies by Sharmila Rege, which brings together extracts from the work of Shantabai Dani, Mukta Sarvagod, Shantabai Kamble, Baby Kamble, Kumud Pawade, Urmila Pawar, Janabai Girhe and Vimal.

12) The Exercise of Freedom: An Introduction to Dalit Writing by K. Satyanarayana and Susie Tharu

13) Unclaimed Terrain by Ajay Navaria (translated by Laura Brueck)

14) The Persistence of Caste:The Khairlanji Murders and India’s Hidden Apartheid by Anand Teltumbde

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