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AgustaWestland chopper deal: Subramanium Swamy wants ‘Her’ to be questioned

Abhishek Manu Singhvi says govt is trying to forge a charge of corruption against persons unrelated

The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday discussed the AgustaWestland chopper deal. Here is what was said:

Bhupendra Yadav, BJP:

This discussion is relevant because we may have created a democratic structure but the corruption in the structure is eating it. This corruption with regard to the air force makes the matter even more serious. The AgustaWestland debate is important because it’s directly related to military and procurement for the nation’s defence.

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Abhishek Manu Singhvi, INC

This government is trying to forge a charge of corruption against persons unrelated. We are relying on misinterpretations and sensationalism of the judgment. Let’s have more facts and less falsehood, more details and less diversion. Just because you have inbuilt hatred for certain names doesn’t mean they shall be put in place for initials used. This semantic dispute about banning, actually the truth is more important than semantics. The interest appears to be to keep the pot boiling and not reach a conclusion. I don’t think you can intimidate us so easily.

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Ram Gopal Yadav, SP

It is not nice when such a issue is sensationalized. Why hasn’t the government taken action so far? You have been in power for two years now. Whose responsibility is it to find out where the money went?

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Sharad Yadav, JD(U)

It is not your court, department nothing. What will you (the defence minister) say? The way they (the Congress) was giving dates, you (the government) will do the same. Court proceedings are happening in some other country and there is a war going on here. Why are there no arrests but only discussions?

Sukhendu Sekhar Roy, AITC

Why has no action been taken till now? Those accused and holding constitutional authority should be punished.

Mayawati, BSP

The government has had almost two years; if they had done a thorough investigation and if we would have had the discussion then, it would have been better. The Congress says that it is being done with a political agenda. The people of the country want to know the real truth and want the main accused names to be released along with a proper trial. The investigation being conducted should be done without bias by the CBI and other investigation agencies. The final report isn’t out and yet allegations are being levied. In such a situation we demand that the investigation be done under the (supervision of the) Supreme Court.

Subramanium Swamy, BJP (Nominated)

It is true that the NDA (1998-2004) initiated the process of buying eight helicopters but the objective was that VVIP may be allowed to fly in remote areas above 6000 metres. People who lowered the flying height were not from NDA. The people who gave the bribes are now in jail. The previous government (UPA) brought in a change that eliminated all other helicopters other than AgustaWestland. Different aircrafts were used for field trials in Italy. It is well known that corruption has taken place. The letter says that a person is the driving force in this case (a reference to what the letter says about Congress President Sonia Gandhi); she should be questioned on it.