US expects comprehensive UNSC resolution on nuclear disarmament

US expects comprehensive UNSC resolution on nuclear disarmament

Washington: The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) summit to be chaired by US President Barack Obama next week is expected to pass a comprehensive resolution on nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament, country’s top diplomat to the United Nations has said.

This is the fifth ever summit-level meeting of the UNSC and the first time an American President will chair it.

“Our goal in this regard is to underscore the global reach of proliferation threats, the broadly shared obligation to respond to these threats, and the positive steps that have been taken to reduce nuclear dangers and the essential role of the Security Council in addressing growing and pressing nuclear threats," US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice said in a White House news briefing.

While the resolution is still being negotiated, Rice said it will focus on three broad areas.

“The US and other international efforts, particularly among the permanent five members of the Security Council, the nuclear powers, to move in a direction that is reinforcing of the goal that the (US) President articulated of a world without nuclear weapons. So there is a significant disarmament aspect of this," she said.