The Mint Report for 17 March 2010

The Mint Report for 17 March 2010

There’s less than a fortnight to go before new emission norms kick in, but uncertainty reigns about its implementation. Currently, 13 cities are supposed to switch to Euro-IV norms, while other are to move to Euro-III norms. But oil companies say they won’t be able to provide Euro-III compliant fuels to all of India’s smaller cities at one go. That’s got environmentalists worried because carmakers have already rolled out Euro-IV compliant cars that need the newer fuels for their pollution control devices to work properly. The deadline for the new emission norms is 1 April.

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Bulging stocks of wheat could prompt a rethink on selling it overseas. Government officials say India could export 2-3 million tonnes of wheat this year. That’s because the country’s wheat stocks now stand at more than 18 million tonnes compared to the original target of 8.2 million tonnnes.

Job portal says hiring among Indian companies went up 17% in February compared to the same period last year. The telecom sector led the way, with a 27% increase. And the automobile and IT sectors came in second place with recruitment going up 24%. The figures come from a survey of jobs that clients posted on its Web site and with the Web site’s tele-calling team.

The country’s biggest low-cost airline, IndiGo, wants to go international. It’s asked the civil aviation ministry for approval to start flying abroad after August next year. That’s when it completes its minimum five-year period of domestic operations. IndiGo has told the ministry it wants to fly to China and to countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia.