Ranchi: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) today dismissed accusations linking it with some of the recent incidents like the Dadri lynching episode, saying that the Sangh is unnecessarily being put in the “dock" as part of a “conspiracy" by some forces.

The RSS also denied that it sought a review of the reservation policy, asserting it favoured its continuation as long as the society required the quota system. The Sangh deplored the allegations against it as “sinister attempts" being made by some elements to ridicule Hindu culture and organisations.

The RSS called for unravelling the truth in the accusations. “In the last few days some forces are trying to put the Sangh in the dock by linking it with different incidents," RSS general secretary Bhayyaiji Joshi said, and described it as an “insult" to the Hindu society.

“We have always condemned such incidents because such incidents are not good for the society," he said at a press conference in Ranchi. Stating that there is a necessity to go deeper into such incidents to find out the truth, he added that in the past, the Sangh had faced similar allegations, but when one went deeper there was no truth found in such charges.

Joshi’s remarks were in response to a question regarding RSS facing accusations of being intolerant following the Dadri incident.

“Sinister attempts are made by some elements to ridicule Hindu culture & organisations, it is highly deplorable," the RSS said in a tweet.

Responding to a query on reservation in the context of its implementation, Joshi said if there was any loophole it could be plugged. “So long reservation is required for the society it should continue. This is what we have said repeatedly," he added.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s comments on reservation policy last month ahead of the Bihar Assembly polls had kicked up a political storm. Joshi said that the Sangh had always been constructive in its thoughts and respected everyone’s sentiment.

“We have been in the social life for the last 90 years and nobody raised allegations of intolerance against the Sangh," he said.

“The Sangh has always made forward strides together with all."