123 addresses most concerns: nuclear scientist

123 addresses most concerns: nuclear scientist

Mumbai: Most of the concerns raised by India are addressed in the draft agreement to operationalise the civilian nuclear deal with the US, a senior atomic scientist said today.

However, M R Srinivasan, former chairman of Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and also member of National Security Advisory Board appeared dissatisfied with some concerns being addressed with riders.

“Most of the concerns are addressed in the agreement. However, a few points were not upto our expectations but I think we have to live with it," Srinivasan told PTI.

On the whole, the Indo-US deal in its final form would definitely end India’s isolation from the global nuclear arena, he felt.

“As part of the Full Nuclear Cooperation, we expected enrichment technology, reprocessing and heavy water technology would also be part of the 123 Agreement and which was possible but in the draft it is mentioned that it would be only part of the future agreement," said Srinivasan, who is currently a member of the AEC.

He also pointed out that regarding dual use equipment, the draft makes requirement of an agreement between the two parties necessary.

“This is less than what we expected, but I think we have to live with it," Srinivasan said.

The nuclear industry is very happy about the outcome and described the draft 123 as a “balanced document".

“It has adequately addressed concerns of India, judiciously taking into account the legal provisions of the two countries," said S K Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited.