The tasks before Obama

The tasks before Obama

New Delhi: President-elect Barack Obama will take office in January facing a number of issues that he needs to tackle even as the US contends with dwindling resources and decreased power and prestige across the world. Leaders at the HT Leadership Summit agree that the challenges he faces are daunting to say the very least.

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Obama’s immediate to-do list includes restoring international law and order, reshaping the world’s financial institutions, creating new forms of energy and focusing on climate change and global warming, and working with world leaders to push toward nuclear disarmament.

“When president Obama takes office next year, he’s going to face a sea of troubles but will be armed with much less power and resources than any American president since the end of the cold war 20 years ago", said Gary Samore, Vice President, Director of Studies and Maurice R Greenberg Chair, Council of Foreign Relations.

Here’s a cross-section of opinion from others at the summit.