New Delhi: India’s 11th President (2002-2007) APJ Abdul Kalam, who died in Shillong on the evening of 27 July, was popularly called the missile man, a recognition of his role as the head of India’s missile programme at a time when the country desperately needed to develop missile technology. He was also India’s original rocket man, being responsible for the development of launch vehicles for satellites. Here, in brief, are five scientific achievements of Kalam.

1. He was head of the Indian Space Research Organization team that developed India-made satellite launch vehicles (or rockets). He was directly responsible for the successful launch that deployed the Rohini satellite in orbit.

2. He headed the hush-hush project to develop missiles and was responsible for the development of both the Agni and the Prithvi.

3. The Pokhran-II nuclear tests happened on his watch as Chief Scientific Adviser to the Prime Minister and head of the Defence Research and Development Organization.

4. Along with Dr Soma Raju of CARE Hospitals Hyderabad, Kalam developed a low cost stent. It is called the Kalam-Raju stent.

5. He and Raju designed a sturdy tablet computer that was aimed at healthcare professionals in rural areas. It was called the Kalam-Raju tablet.

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