Planning Commission mulls raising farm income by adding value

Planning Commission mulls raising farm income by adding value


Chandigarh: Planning Commission is toying with the idea of launching a new scheme, aimed at increasing the income of farmers by ‘adding value´ to the agricultural produce.

“With production level getting saturated and natural resources facing a lot of pressure, we are now thinking on how to increase the income of farmers, the issue which is central to the farm sector," said Planning Commission Director (Agriculture) Daljeet Singh, who was here today to attend a CII-organised conference.

“We are also thinking whether we can launch a specific scheme for this purpose," he said.

Stating that the issue of enhancing the farm income is just at the drawing board, he said that the focus would be on bringing improvement in the secondary agriculture sector.

“Our idea is to how we can add value to the principal crops, including wheat, paddy and other horticultural crops by strengthening post harvesting management, grading, sorting, packaging and marketing exercise of these crops," he said.

On the issue of ‘Diversification of agriculture versus Food Security´, Singh said that there was a need of maintaining judicious balance between diversification and food security so that neither farm income was affected nor country should face any food shortage situation.