New Delhi: The Indian Space Research Organization’s (Isro’s) polar satellite launch vehicle, PSLV-C23, will launch five satellites from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on 30 June.

While a 714kg French earth observation satellite SPOT-7 will be the main payload, 14kg AISAT of Germany, NLS7.1 (CAN-X4) and NLS7.2 (CAN-X5) of Canada each weighing 15kg, and the 7kg VELOX-1 of Singapore will also be aboard the launch vehicle.

These five satellites will be launched as per the arrangements that ANTRIX, the commercial arm of Isro, has entered into with the respective foreign agencies.

“All the five satellites have been integrated with PSLV-C23 and the final phase of checks is progressing. The mission readiness review (MRR) committee and the launch authorization board (LAB) are meeting on 27 June, to review the progress of pre-launch activities," said a spokesperson for Isro.

After clearance from LAB, the 49-hour count down for the mission will commence at 8.49am on 28 June.