Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the inauguration of the Dr Ambedkar International Centre in Delhi on Thursday. Photo: AFP
Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the inauguration of the Dr Ambedkar International Centre in Delhi on Thursday. Photo: AFP

Mani Shankar row LIVE: Aiyar apologizes to Modi for ‘neech aadmi’ remark

Here are the latest updates and developments from the war of words between BJP and Congress over Mani Shankar Aiyar’s ‘neech aadmi’ remark to describe Narendra Modi

OTHERS : The last day of campaigning for the first phase of Gujarat elections saw a major controversy with Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar and PM Narendra Modi trading barbs over the style of politics done by their respective parties.Aiyar called Modi a “neech aadmi” (vile man), who does “dirty politics”. “He (Modi) is ‘neech kism ka aadmi’ (a vile man) who has no ‘sabhyata’ (civility),” he said, attacking Modi after the latter accused the Congress of seeking votes in B.R. Ambedkar’s name but trying to erase his contribution to building India.Modi, then, at an election rally in Surat, hit back at Aiyar calling his comments “insulting” that represent “nothing but a Mughalai mindset”.Here are the latest updates and developments from today’s campaign trail for Gujarat elections:

07 Dec 2017, 06:06:00 PM IST

Mani Shankar Aiyar is mentally not fit: Lalu Prasad Yadav

07 Dec 2017, 05:46:00 PM IST

A well-thought Congress strategy, says Arun Jaitley on Mani Shankar Aiyar’s remarks

07 Dec 2017, 05:35:00 PM IST

I apologize, says Mani Shankar Aiyar to PM Narendra Modi

Following rebuke from Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, Mani Shankar Aiyar issued an apology to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his comments. “I meant low level when I said ‘neech’, I think in English when I speak in Hindi as Hindi is not my mother tongue. So if it has some other meaning then I apologize,” said Aiyar.

07 Dec 2017, 05:19:00 PM IST

Mani Shankar Aiyar should apologise to PM Modi, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday criticised Mani Shankar Aiyar for his remarks and said that he expects the senior leader to apologise to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Gandhi also said that although BJP and the PM himself uses filthy language to attack the Congress, he doesn’t appreciate the language used by Aiyar against Modi. Aiyar has called PM Modi a “vile man” (neech aadmi). (PTI)

07 Dec 2017, 04:58:00 PM IST

Mani Shankar Aiyar’s mindset is feudal, says Ravi Shankar Prasad

07 Dec 2017, 04:43:00 PM IST

They called me ‘Maut ka Saudagar’: PM Modi

Striking back at the Congress and its leader Mani Shankar Aiyar at Surat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminded the people how the opposition party has called him names, including ‘Maut ka Saudagar’.“They can call me ‘Neech’- Yes, I am from the poor section of society and will spend every moment of my life to work for the poor, Dalits, Tribals and OBC communities. They can keep their language, we will do our work. I beg to the people of India- please let them be. Let them keep calling me ‘Neech’ we will not respond. We do not have this mindset and want to congratulate them for theirs. If anything- we will answer them for their mindset with our votes on 9th and 14th. Yes, they called me ‘Neech’ but our value systems are strong. We have nothing to say to such elements. Our answer will come through ballot box. We have seen enough insults from them. They insulted me when I was CM. They called me ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ & wanted to jail me.”

07 Dec 2017, 04:31:00 PM IST

Modi says Mani Shankar Aiyar has ‘nothing but a Mughalai Mindset’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Surat election rally hit back at senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar who had earlier called the PM “neech aadmi”. Modi described it as “insulting” but also called it as “nothing but a Mughalai Mindset.”Modi further reminded the people of what has been said earlier by Congress and its allies. “What all have they called us: donkeys, Neech, Gandi Naali Ke Keede...the people of Gujarat will give a fitting answer to such deplorable language. You all have seen me- I have been CM and PM. Has anyone had to hold his or her head in shame due to me? Have I done any shameful thing? Then why are they calling me ‘Neech’?”

07 Dec 2017, 04:19:00 PM IST

Like Cyclone Ockhi , Congress too will not arrive in Gujarat: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his election rally in Surat said that just like Cyclone Ockhi, the Congress too will not arrive in Gujarat.The Cyclone Ockhi, which was supposed to make landfall near Surat a couple of days ago, turned into a ‘deep depression’ about 240km from the Gujarat coast in the Arabian Sea.

07 Dec 2017, 04:12:00 PM IST

BJP ensured continuous electricity for Gujarat, says PM Modi

Talking about BJP’s governance achievements in Gujarat at a rally in Surat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it was his government which ensured the delivery of continuous power supply.“People did not get continuous electricity. When the BJP got to serve Gujarat, we ensured continuous power. The demand for Surat was long pending and it is the BJP that has worked on this. We have provided relief to those who want to buy, make their own homes. Why should every Indian not own a home,” he said.

07 Dec 2017, 04:04:00 PM IST

125 crore people are my high command, says PM Modi

Continuing his attack on the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “125 crore people of India are my high command. I am accountable to them because they have placed their faith in me.”

07 Dec 2017, 04:01:00 PM IST

Our agenda is development, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that BJP is contesting Gujarat elections over ‘vikas’ (development).“Our agenda is development. Some are asking me—Modi Ji what did you do. Sadly for them, the people are asking them—how did you rule the nation for over fifty years. We had cancelled this rally due to the cyclone conditions but the people of Surat said you have to come today so, as campaign ends I am here among the people of Surat,” he said.

07 Dec 2017, 03:49:00 PM IST

PM Modi addresses rally in Surat

07 Dec 2017, 03:41:00 PM IST

Congress’ only agenda is to oppose PM Modi, says Amit Shah

BJP president Amit Shah is addressing a public rally in Kheralu, Mehsana. Shah declared that the Congress is not having any other point to contest in election than to oppose PM Modi.

07 Dec 2017, 03:21:00 PM IST

Attempts to erase B.R. Ambedkar’s role failed, says PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi on Thursday inaugurated the Dr Ambedkar International Centre in Delhi, and then took potshots at his political rivals. “Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s contribution to nation building is very important, there had been attempts to undermine his role, but such attempts were unsuccessful. He has been more influential in the minds of people, much more than the family for which all this was done.” (ANI)

07 Dec 2017, 02:35:00 PM IST

Rumour campaign shows utter desperation of BJP: Congress’s Ahmed Patel

Congress Rajya Sabha MP Ahmed Patel on Thursday said BJP orchestrating a rumour campaign for Gujarat elections shows the utter desperation of the party.Fearing defeat, do they have to rely on such dirty tricks (putting up fake posters)?” said Patel. He, however, ruled out to being the chief ministerial candidate of the Congress in Gujarat. “I have never ever been a candidate for CM and will never, ever be.”

07 Dec 2017, 02:25:00 PM IST

Misinformation campaign by BJP, says Ahmed Patel on poster seen in Surat

Congress leader Ahmed Patel responds on poster seen in Surat: “This is a misinformation campaign by the BJP as now they know they are going to lose. I was never the CM candidate and neither will I ever be.” (ANI)

07 Dec 2017, 01:53:00 PM IST

Uproot Congress and make BJP win Gujarat elections: Vijay Rupani

Gujarat CM on Thursday exhorted people of Gujarat to vote for the BJP in the forthcoming elections, and rebuked the Congress for their inaction on the flood situation in Banaskantha earlier this year. He was speaking at a rally in Malan, Palanpur.

07 Dec 2017, 01:45:00 PM IST

Yogi Adityanath to address rally in Rajkot

07 Dec 2017, 01:28:00 PM IST

Demonetisation was wrong decision, says Manmohan Singh

Former PM Dr Manmohan Singh in Rajkot reiterated his stand that demonetisation has been proven wrong decision for the nation. Singh also said that each community is unhappy with the BJP government. He also said that the Congress has a special vision for Gujarat. (Tv9 Gujarati)

07 Dec 2017, 01:24:00 PM IST

BJP not acting against the corrupt, says Manmohan Singh in Rajkot

Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in Rajkot: “To equal the UPA’s ten-year average, the economy will have to grow at 10.6% in the fifth year, I would be happy if it were to happen but I frankly do not think it will.”On corruption within the Congress and BJP, Singh says, “Whoever faced corruption allegations during UPA was dealt with strictly, but the same cannot be said about BJP, they have not acted on corruption in their rule.”On Narmada issue, Dr Singh says, “Modiji says he took up Narmada issue with me but I don’t remember him talking to me about this issue, though whenever he wanted to meet me I never refused,was always ready as being PM it was my responsibility to meet all CMs.”

07 Dec 2017, 01:20:00 PM IST

The battle for Rajkot-West seat

Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani is facing tough challenge from Congress’ Indranil Rajyaguru in Rajkot-West seat, which is considered ‘safe’ for the BJP. Read more

07 Dec 2017, 12:53:00 PM IST

Rahul Gandhi to visit Gujarat from 8 to 11 December

07 Dec 2017, 12:36:00 PM IST

The Patel factor in Gujarat assembly elections 2017

This year’s Gujarat elections is the first time the Patel community has split so starkly and that this has the potential to disrupt the state’s politics. The community, which accounts for nearly 12% of the state’s population, was once instrumental in the BJP’s rise in Gujarat in the early nineties, after the Congress alienated them. Read more

07 Dec 2017, 12:09:00 PM IST

Former PM Manmohan Singh will be in Rajkot today

07 Dec 2017, 11:52:00 AM IST

977 candidates, including 57 women, in the fray in first phase of voting

A total of 977 candidates including 57 women are in fray from 50 political parties as well as independents. Polling will take place across 24,689 polling stations. Read more

07 Dec 2017, 11:47:00 AM IST

PM Modi interacts with BJP workers via audio bridge

On Thursday, PM Modi interacted with the scheduled caste (SC), scheduled tribe (ST) members and members from coastal areas via audio bridge in which will hear their concerns on Cyclone Ockhi.

07 Dec 2017, 11:30:00 AM IST

Rahul Gandhi raises farmers’ plight in his latest tweet

Asking his 9th question in the ‘question a day’ series, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi asked, “Neither loan waiver, nor remunerative price for produce, neither received crop insurance benefit, nor were tube wells installed.” The Congress leader also used the ‘Gabbar’ jibe to target the prime minister “Agriculture hit by Gabbar Singh, land snatched and the (Ánnadatta) farmer was rendered useless. PM sahib should explain why such step-motherly treatment with the farm labour,” he also said on Twitter.