Global Political Risk Index (5)

Global Political Risk Index (5)

Pakistan remains the focus of the fifth edition of the Global Political Risk Index (GPRI). The country remains last in a ranking of 24 emerging market economies, but the ranking itself was completed before Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency on 3 November. It is likely that this will cause the country’s GPRI score to fall from the current 45.

India remains at No. 12, the same position it was in the September issue of GPRI. However, the country’s outlook has changed from negative to neutral, an indication that there is no imminent danger of the government falling.

Mint has partnered with Eurasia Group for GPRI that will run every month. The index is a composite measure of the state of a country’s government, society, security and economy. Mint carried the fourth GPRI on 9 October.

GPRI (5) Graphic

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