Pune most promising for hiring prospects, Delhi disappoints

Pune most promising for hiring prospects, Delhi disappoints

New Delhi: Most cities in the country have seen a considerable improvement in the hiring outlook, with Pune showing the highest rise for the January to March period in 2010, says a survey.

Delhi has been found to be the most disappointing as the city witnessed the steepest fall in the employment outlook index for the three months ending March, according to the staffing firm TeamLease.

The TeamLease survey for the January-March period found that there had been an increase in the ‘Employment Outlook´ index of all cities surveyed, except Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

“Pune has seen the highest jump, by 50 points, when it comes to employment outlook and stands at 70 points," it said.

The biggest contributors to the employment growth in the Maharashtra city have been IT and IT-enabled services.

In addition, the business outlook of companies there has seen a jump of 63 points, the highest among the cities, and currently stands at 77 points.

The employment outlook index for Delhi saw the steepest decline by as much as 24 points and currently stands at 35 points.

The index focuses on the employment growth potential and hiring forecasts in relation to the location and company profiles.

Ahmedabad had the lowest attrition rate in the last three months as well as in the last one year.

In the past three months as well as the last one year, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi had the highest attrition rates (people leaving companies) compared to other cities, the survey revealed.

Other cities which saw an increase in hiring outlook include Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai, the latest TeamLease Employment Outlook report said.

Financial services, infrastructure and healthcare were the biggest contributors to employment growth in Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai respectively.

“Hiring sentiments have marginally improved this quarter, in line with the industry’s positive outlook. Our estimates show that there would be a leap of faith during this current quarter and trends will not just hold out, they will be bolder and result in higher employment gains," TeamLease Services vice president Rajesh AR said.

Overall, the employment outlook Index for the country as a whole (for January-March 2010) stands at 47 index points, which is one per cent higher than the previous quarter.