Govt expects agreement with some NE insurgents this year: PC

Govt expects agreement with some NE insurgents this year: PC

New Delhi: Government expects to reach an agreement this year with some of the 9 insurgent groups in the North-East which are in talks with the Centre, home minister P Chidambaram said on Wednesday.

“We are holding talks with nine insurgent groups of the North-East and are expecting to reach agreements with some of them during the year. The government is open to talks with groups which abjure violence," Chidambaram said while addressing a meeting of the parliamentary Consultative Committee of the Ministry here.

He said the incidents of violence and the casualties in 2010 were less than the previous year and the situation in the region has improved remarkably.

Pointing towards over 200 ethnic groups in the North-East, Chidambaram said “the Constitution of India is flexible and resilient enough to accommodate the aspirations of the people with distinct languages, dialects and socio-cultural identity in the region."

“These groups want recognition of their identity and participation in governance. This aspiration can be fulfilled under the provisions of the Indian Constitution," he said.

Chidambaram expressed the government’s desire to strengthen the Autonomous District Councils in the region by providing them with necessary powers and funds.

He said “such Councils have to give adequate representation to minority ethnic groups. These must be pluralistic in structure and must work on the principle of inclusive governance."