US, Saudi Arabia working together against terrorism

US, Saudi Arabia working together against terrorism

Washington: The US and Saudi Arabia are working together to deny terrorists “safe haven and access to funding," particularly in Pakistan and Afghanistan, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has said.

Clinton, who met Saudi foreign minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal here on Friday, said the two countries, which are close allies, were cooperating in dealing with the menace.

“We are working together to deny terrorists safe haven and access to funding, particularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan," she said at a joint press conference with Prince Saud.

Pakistani security forces have launched a major offensive against Taliban militants in the country’s restive northwest while Afghanistan supported by the US-led coalition forces is battling the insurgents in parts of the war-ravaged nation.

Asserting that the US commitment to Saudi Arabia’s security is unwavering, Clinton said Washington shares concerns about the destabilizing role that Iran has played throughout the region and the continued expansion of Tehran’s nuclear programme and its support for terrorism.

Turning to the Middle East conflict, she said the US is working very closely and intensely with the Israelis on the issues of settlements and easing of living conditions for the Palestinians, and with the Palestinian Authority on improving security and ending incitement on the West Bank and in Gaza.