US wants more of India’s nuclear pie

US wants more of India’s nuclear pie

New Delhi: The US department of commerce will lead a delegation to India comprising executives from nuclear technology manufacturers, nuclear energy engineering and consulting companies as well as suppliers of nuclear fuel and components from 3-9 December.

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7f0a705e-b27f-11dd-99d2-000b5dabf613.flvAnnouncing this on Friday, the US ambassador to India David Mulford said nuclear civil engineering companies in that country are interested in participating in and trading with Indian nuclear power companies. He also said that, contrary to some reports, there was no dearth of activity in the US civil nuclear power industry.

Addressing reporters after the seminar organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry on Friday, special envoy to the prime minister, Shyam Saran, said India was looking at France and other countries with civil nuclear capabilities as much as the US to set up nuclear power plants.

He also said the new US administration under President-elect Barack Obama has reiterated support for the nuclear deal between India and the US. Earlier, answering a question, chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Dale E. Klein said the economic recession could have an impact on the nuclear energy sector.

“If there is a drop in the demand (for electricity), there could be some slowdown in the building of some of these nuclear reactors."

Video by Rahul Sharma