How can cities use technology for better administration and governance? One of the several starting points is to collect actionable data. For example, the ZIPNet project, of which the police departments of eight northern states and union territories are part of, puts out real-time and detailed data on vehicle thefts: by vehicle make, colour, date and police station.

The data shows that two-wheelers account for 75% of the 28,000 vehicle thefts in Delhi between April 2014 and March 2015. Certain localities in East, West and South Delhi are more prone to vehicle thefts. Hyundai Santro was the most stolen car, Hero Splendor led in motorcycles and Honda Activa in scooters. Half the two-wheelers stolen were black in colour. And 40% of cars were white. And, on a broader level, it demonstrates how governments can use similar technological frameworks to drill down further into localities to identify—and address—crime spots. is a search engine for public data