India set to witness knowledge revolution in 25 years: Pitroda

India set to witness knowledge revolution in 25 years: Pitroda

Bangalore: Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) Sam Pitroda has said that the country was all set to witness a knowledge revolution in 25 years.

“There is no quick fix solution. It is going to be a long hard journey," Pitroda said, while addressing the National Knowledge Commission Education Series, organised by the All India Management Association.

The Commission, set up in 2005 by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to prepare a blueprint for reform of knowledge related institutions and infrastructure, has submitted 200 recommendations to the government on 24 focus areas till 2008.

“Some of these include libraries, translation, language, higher education, right to education and vocation guidance," he said.

With reference to vocational education, he said that there was a disconnect between training provided and market requirements. On the one hand there were too many people in some areas and too little jobs, while in other areas, there were too little people for too many jobs.

“NKC has recommended the need for expanding capacity through innovative delivery models, including a robust PPP partnership," he said.

Lamenting over the quality of education in the country, he said that except for the top institutions and some islands of excellence like IITs, the overall quality of education was still found wanting in various aspects.

Pitroda added: “Graduates are not employable immediately and have to be retrained".

Calling for expansion, execution, equity and access in the spheres of higher education, Pitroda said that the commission has been suggesting setting up of a regulatory authority for higher education.

“This proposal has met with a lot of resistance and not been accepted," he said.