India asks UN to strengthen govt of strife torn countries

India asks UN to strengthen govt of strife torn countries


United Nations: India has urged the United Nations Peace-building Commission (PCB) to move beyond only advising the countries coming out of conflict and concentrate on strengthening their capacity to govern themselves effectively.

Stressing development as the most enduring guarantee for any long-term peace consolidation strategy, Indian UN Ambassador Nirupam Sen said the ultimate goal of the international community’s efforts should be to enable the post conflict States to develop capacity to implement such programmes and consolidate peace independent of “our direct involvement."

He was addressing the United Nations General Assembly on 11 October on the Peace-Building Commission that was recently formed to help the post conflict States so that they do not fall back into chaos once again.

Emphasizing the need for the Commission to listen to the countries it plans to held, Sen said: “irrespective of how many actors we may wish to listen to on the ground, the protagonist can only be the government of the country concerned."

Therefore, it would help if the countries concerned could also tell the Commission clearly the areas in which their need for assistance is most critical, he added, stressing that such inputs should form the basis of more focussed, action-oriented and practical discussions within the PBC.

The PBC could certainly do better -- and be more creative regarding the form in which it provides advice, he said. “For instance, would it have a better impact if the PBC facilitates access by target countries to eminent specialists who have the expertise to provide advice in key areas of peace building?"