State PSUs drain Rs31k cr from exchequer in 2006-07

State PSUs drain Rs31k cr from exchequer in 2006-07

New Delhi: The state-owned public sector undertakings (PSUs) incurred losses to the tune of Rs31,548 crore in 2006-07, with the Karnataka government doling out the maximum grants at Rs6,140 crore to its PSUs.

The state level public enterprises (SLPEs) in West Bengal bled the most, losing Rs439.53 crore, the National Survey on SLPEs for 2006-07 said.

The survey, which was released earlier this month, found Delhi SLPEs also suffering losses of Rs143.49 crore. Other states where these units were not doing well included Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Meghalaya.

“In view of the losses being incurred by SLPEs, the state governments have been giving grants and subsidies to them to tide over their financial problems," the survey said.

The states which give huge grants to these companies include Andhra Pradesh (Rs4,975 crore), Tamil Nadu (Rs4,219 crore), Haryana (Rs3,807 crore), Gujarat (Rs3,383 crore), Maharashtra (Rs2,727 crore), Punjab (Rs1,505 crore) and Rajasthan (Rs1,254 crore).

In all, there were 837 functional SLPEs as on 31 March 2007, employing 18 lakh employees, the survey said.