Truant monsoon may harm Kharif crops

Truant monsoon may harm Kharif crops

New Delhi: Vulnerability of rice, maize, oilseeds, cotton and other Kharif crops has increased on account of deficient rainfalls across most of the key producing states, an NCDEX report has said.

The major states where Kharif crops are vulnerable are Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Karnataka and eastern Rajasthan. These states are major Kharif crops growing regions.

Kharif crops like bajra, rice, urad, arhar, groundnuts, soyabean, castor, sugarcane, cotton and jute are sown with the onset of the southwest monsoon in June.

The report quoting Indian Meteorological Department said that the country received rainfall of 254.5 mm against a normal of 292.5 mm, indicating a deficiency of 13% from 1 June to 14 July. It, however, said though there has been increase in vulnerability numbers, they seem to be quite low compared to that in initial weeks of the season last year and the overall situation does not look worrisome as it was last year.

The deficiency in rainfall was 27% in the same time last year.

The percentage of crop vulnerability for bajra in Rajasthan was 8%, while it was 8.5% in Uttar Pradesh and 5.1% in Gujarat on 14 July. For maize it was 4% in Karnataka, Bihar (2.3%), Uttar Pradesh (4.4%) and Madhya Pradesh (2.4%). Likewise for rice it was 5.4% in West Bengal and 8.4% in Uttar Pradesh.

The percentage of vulnerability number for ragi was 15.9% in Karnataka, while for urad it was 12.2% in Uttar Pradesh, for arhar it was 8.4% in Uttar Pradesh, for groundnuts it was 17.3% in Gujarat, for sunflower it was 1.1% in Uttar Pradesh and for soyabean it was 17.9% in Madhya Pradesh.

The report predicts better times in the coming week. Quoting the IMD it said the coming week is likely to experience a widespread rainfall activity over the northeastern states, sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim and northern Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh during first half of the week.

Also a fairly widespread rainfall activity is likely to continue over the West Coast and south Gujarat during the first half of the week, it said adding there is a dim possibility of formation of low pressure system over the Bay of Bengal.