Eight new IITs seek more funds

Eight new IITs seek more funds

New Delhi: All the eight new IITs have demanded that more funds should be allocated to them for the construction of these institutes as cost of construction has gone over the last three year. They also demanded a better salary structure for them to attract quality faculty.

“The new IITs felt that that a revision in fund allocation would be required in view of the escalation of construction costs. The HRD minister has directed the officials to examine the matter and come up with a proposal in this regard. Then the ministry will move the finance ministry for it," a human resource development ministry spokesperson said after a meeting of new IITs in new Delhi.

At present, 40% of the existing professors at old IITs are eligible to get salary similar to an additional secretary in the central government. The new IITs expressed that they have been unable to implement this grade since they don’t have enough professors. In stead they have demanded that all the professors in the new institutes should get salary in this grade so that quality people can join them.

The HRD ministry has also agreed to talk to environment ministry and agriculture ministry among other departments who are holding up the land allotment clearance for the new IITs at Ropar, Bhubaneswar, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Patna, Jodhpur, Mandi and Indore.