Women struggle to complete

Women struggle to complete

While women have made progress in recent years on gender equality issues such as discrimination and harassment, they still struggle on parity issues such as career development,according to a recent worldwide survey carried out by Bain and Co. in association with the ‘Harvard Business Review’.

“Women enter the workforce in large numbers, but over time steadily ‘vapourize’ from the higher echelons of organization hierarchy," according to the survey, which attracted around 1,800 respondents, 60% of them in senior management positions and 75% women.

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The survey shows that while both men (91%) and women (82%) aspire to be senior leaders, fewer women realize their dream.

“As they try to balance priorities such as career-building and care-giving, often they find themselves slipping behind in the race to the top," said the survey report, authored by Julie Coffman, a partner in Bain’s Chicago office, Orit Gadiesh, chairman of the firm, and Wendy Miller, a partner in its Boston office.

The survey examines gender parity issues and what prevents companies from retaining their best female talent and promoting them to top management roles.

Graphics by Ahmed Raza Khan/Mint