Opinion polls should be banned: SY Quraishi

Opinion polls should be banned: SY Quraishi

Bhopal: India’s chief election commissioner SY Quraishi on Sunday said opinion polls should be banned and there should be a check on advertisements that appear in the print media on the day of the polls.

“I feel that the opinion polls should be banned because of the paid news problem," he said at the first regional consultation on electoral reform.

While he did not elaborate on the idea, he said opinion polls seemed to be an interference on free and fair polls.

He said there was also a need to check advertisements which appear in the print media on the day of polls as they have an impact on voters’ mind.

Referring to electoral malpractices, Quraishi said the people indulging in these practices get away with a small punishment of around Rs500 which was a meagre and should be enhanced.

He said the commission has also received complaints that envelopes containing money were distributed among voters by the candidates after the campaigning was over.

He said a system should be developed to ensure that votes of different areas are mixed before being counted.

He pointed out that during the manual counting of the ballots earlier, the votes were mixed to ensure that the mandate in a given area was kept secret.

The consultation on electoral reform was organized by Ministry of Law and Justice and Election Commission of India at the Academy of Administration and Management in Bhopal.

Seven regional consultation on electoral reforms will be organized before the national consultation to be held on 2 and 3 April.