Devise own technology for energy efficiency: Pachauri

Devise own technology for energy efficiency: Pachauri

New Delhi: Developing economies like India and China will have to come forward to devise their own technologies for energy sector rather than looking up to the developed nations, R. K. Pachauri, chief of UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said on Monday.

In his first public appearance after the organisation he headed was announced the Nobel Peace Prize, Pachauri said there is a clear line of distinction between the energy needs of developing countries and the developed ones.

“We have to devise new technology customised for needs of our own people... no body else will do it. It is in our own interest to do it," he said here at a conference “climate change and sustainable development- a global perspective" organised by an industry body Assocham.

Sharing the dais with ambassadors of China, France, Finland and Netherlands, he also urged the industrial houses of the countries to get involved to meet the challenges of global warming.

The scientist also criticised the energy consumption patterns of developed countries and warned the south Asian region to take preventive measures to avoid and mitigating impact of climate change.

“Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. There is going to be huge water scarcity with India and China suffering the worst. We need to prepare for the eventualities," the recipient of Padma Bhushan award said.

“Sustainable economic development would be possible in south east Asian region. India and China come forward and forge alliances to harness energy sources," he added.

Pachuari also argued against the power subsidies being doled out by the Centre on the farmers. “Electricity has to be priced at rational level if we want to protect our future," he said.