Hyderabad: The Centre is all set to supply rice at 1 per kg to all below poverty line families under the proposed Food Security Act, according to the Andhra Pradesh chief minister’s office (CMO).

The state has launched the 1-a-kg rice scheme on 1 November this year.

A shopkeeper scoops rice from a bag at a shop. Photo: Reuters

“It is learnt that All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary Rahul Gandhi evinced keen interest in the 1-a-kg rice scheme and how it is being successfully implemented for such a major chunk of the population in Andhra Pradesh. He was of the opinion that the popular scheme will definitely attract poor people and will be a boon to the poorest of the poor in the country in the days to come," the CMO release said.

“The UPA government also felt that the 1-a-kg rice scheme should be introduced all over the country as part of the Food Security Bill," it said. “Once the Union Cabinet approves the Bill, it will be introduced in the Winter Session of Parliament," the release added.

The Food Security Bill, now ready, aims to benefit 75% of people in rural areas and 50% in urban areas. For general category the Bill proposes to provide food grains at 50% of the Minimum Support Price.

Once the Food Security Bill is passed and implemented, the subsidy on food grains would double from the present 63,000 crore to one lakh crore, the CMO release pointed out.

In Andhra Pradesh, 7.5 crore people out of the total 8.4 crore were being supplied rice at 1-a-kg, it said.