Employers should go beyond minimum wages: HC Judge

Employers should go beyond minimum wages: HC Judge

Mumbai: Justice J H Bhatia of the Bombay High Court has said that besides providing suitable work environment, the employers must give the workers more than the mimimum wages by adopting the principle of “equal pay for equal work".

“Industry, which runs on capital, expects more returns whereas labour wants survival and satisfaction...unless the workers are paid well they cannot be satisfied and expected to perform. Hence employers must go beyond minimum wages and pay more," the judge told a seminar here.

The main cause for violence in industry appeared to be the exploitation of contract labour. However, engagement of contract labour cannot be eliminated, he said. “It is a necessary evil and has become an economic necessity," he said.

The judge said the employers should ensure that workmen were not frustrated and were fully satisfied. While regular workers were getting higher wages, contract labourers were not compensated properly which leads to dissatisfaction and frustration, Justice Bhatia observed.

Hence, disparity in the matter of payment to regular workmen and contract employees required to be minimised, the judge told the seminar on “Violence and Militant Trade Unionism in Industry" organised by Twin City Industrial Employers Association.