Ajay Narayan Jha, expenditure secretary, spoke about the spending targets of public enterprises, expenditure on the proposed mega healthcare scheme and minimum support price at the CNBCTV18-Mint Budget Verdict conclave.

On underestimation on the expenditure side:

I don’t think there is an under-provisioning of any kind in the estimates for next year.

Public enterprises spend target up at Rs93,000 crore:

A bulk of this will come from the railways and roads sector. Besides this, the other public sector firms also take up investments and have been factored in. We expect resources that we mobilize via the market and internal resources of enterprises will add up to almost a lakh crore this year.

On the new healthcare scheme (National Health Protection Scheme, or NHPS) expenditure:

I may not be able to give you a number because it depends a lot on the contours of the programme that will unfold. We have a broad outline of the programme but the challenge is to implement this programme in such a way that leakages can be prevented. It would be more than the Rs2,000 crore that has been provided.


The centre is committed to buy farmers’ produce at 1.5 times the cost of cultivation. The second part is to find the mechanism for reimbursement which NITI Aayog has been asked to do in consultation with states and the ministry of agriculture.