Photo: PTI
Photo: PTI

Battleground state: Assam

A look at the political dynamics in Assam ahead of the assembly elections to be held on 4 and 11 April

The coming assembly elections in Assam, to be held on 4 and 11 April, are being seen as a battleground for three political parties—the Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the All India United Democratic Front.

Assam has been dominated by the Congress party since 2001, but the BJP fancies its chances following its general election victory in 2014 when it won seven of the 14 Lok Sabha seats in Assam.

The research team at and Mint analysed the comparative position of major political parties among the different socio-religious groups and the winning margins in the past two elections (2011 assembly election and the assembly segments of the 2014 parliamentary election). Results of the assembly elections will be announced on 19 May.