Keeping the lights from going out

Keeping the lights from going out

The current state of the Indian energy sector is a story that has many parts. On the power side, it marks the triumph of the private sector’s tenacity to set up generation capacities and reach out to an enormous market suffering under outages and thirsting for electricity.

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But it’s also about the failings of the Centre and the states to make the power sector viable even after 10 years of reform initiatives. All the stakeholders are walking on thin ice. Will the reforms deliver results before there are casualties? These and other questions are covered in the first article in this comprehensive Mint Report on Power by Balaji Chandramouli.

While renewable energy is viewed as “infirm" power, it’s nevertheless gaining ground in India. The section on renewable energy explores the issues that govern its viability, the difficulties involved in setting targets that are too high, and the problems associated with harnessing the sun and the wind.

While oil and gas exploration initiatives were launched with high expectations, India seems to be back at square one as far as that endeavour is concerned, says the next story.

In conclusion, the report looks at retailing, which has been marred by populism for decades. And though the government has become generous with using the D-word (deregulation), there is little conviction behind this. In the case of the gas distribution sector, the problem of shortages has been compounded with the government deciding on its pricing and allocation. We find out what it means and how it will play out.