Podcast: A US-India educational partnership?

Podcast: A US-India educational partnership?

Last week, Kapil Sibal met with US Education Secretary Arne Duncan to discuss the possibility of increasing US-India collaboration on education. He also met with heads of leading US universities, including Harvard, MIT and Yale, to urge them to consider educational partnerships with India, as well as the possibility of setting up campuses here.

Sibal has stated that he expects the pending Foreign Education Providers Bill, which would facilitate the entry of foreign institutes in India, to be pushed through by next July. Once the law is in place, the Human Resource Development Minister says that the playing field will be far more level for foreign education providers.

What does the future hold for US India educational relations? We talk to Vijaya Khandavilli, former country coordinator for educational advising services at the U.S. Educational Foundation in India to learn more.

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