Railways may seek Israeli help on safety

Railways may seek Israeli help on safety

New Delhi: Indian Railways may seek Israeli cooperation to install advanced simulators and radar systems for the rail network in an effort to improve its safety record.

The simulators can be used to determine the line capacity taking all possible factors into account, while radar systems can be utilized to prevent accidents at level crossings.

A high-level delegation led by Union minister of state for railways, R. Velu, visited Israel recently at the invitation of the Israeli government.

A senior ministry official, who was part of the delegation, but did not wish to be named, said the advanced simulation method used in Israeli railways could be useful in the Indian scenario.

“There are radars at certain important level crossings in Israel which are found to be useful in preventing accidents and the same can be considered here also," he said.

The radars identify the stationery vehicles at the level crossings and alert the loco drivers in advance.

“However, nothing has been finalized yet. An Israeli team is expected to visit India in the coming year. We need to discuss it... before going ahead with the proposal," he said.

Indian Railways has been plagued with safety related issues with 150 train accidents taking place in 2007, while the number was 153 last year. There are 18,297 unmanned level crossings which are a major cause of worry.