Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

In charts: Literacy and education status of India’s differently abled population

Data for 2011 shows that 1.46 crore, or 54.5%, of India's 2.68 crore differently abled people are literate

More differently abled people in India are getting educated, with literacy levels among them seeing visible growth, as per data released by the central government. Data for 2011 shows 1.46 crore or 54.5% of India’s 2.68 crore differently abled people are literate now. In 2001, only 49.3% of such people were literate.

Among different categories in this group, literacy levels of people with speech disability jumped the most—from 36.2% in 2001 to 56.9% in 2011.

Here are six charts to explain the literacy and education status of differently abled people in India.