Nato supply trucks attacked in Pakistan

Nato supply trucks attacked in Pakistan

Islamabad: Gunmen attacked trucks carrying supplies for Western forces in Afghanistan near Islamabad, killing five people and setting vehicles on fire in the first such attack near the Pakistani capital, police said on Wednesday.

The Taliban frequently attack trucks carrying supplies for US-led foreign forces in Pakistan’s northwest and southwest bordering Afghanistan, but late Tuesday’s night attack near Islamabad was unprecedented.

“Five people were killed and five wounded. They were drivers of these trucks and their helpers," police official Naeemullah Khan said at the Tarnol area where the attack took place.

Police said 10 to 12 gunmen attacked the trucks, parked at a depot in Tarnol.

The assault underscores growing insecurity in Pakistan where the Taliban have unleashed a wave of suicide and bomb attacks across the country in retaliation for military offensives on their strongholds in the northwest.

The US military sends 75% of supplies for the Afghan war through or over Pakistan, including 40% of the fuel for its troops.

The attacks, especially in the northwestern Khyber tribal region, have forced Nato to look for alternative routes, including through Central Asia.