New Delhi: The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is extending its energy efficiency tag to more segments of consumer durables. BEE will on Wednesday launch its trademark five-star energy efficiency labelling for consumer durables including water heaters, fans, colour television sets, agricultural pumps and LPG stoves.

BEE operates under the ambit of the ministry of power to “institutionalize" energy efficiency services and enable delivery mechanisms.

Energy-efficient: Star ratings are separate for different classes of products, such as different screen sizes for plasma and LCD TV sets. Madhu Kapparath / Mint

BEE’s labelling programmes have saved 3,731.5 million units of electricity and fuel savings equal to 1.7 million tonnes of oil since 2006. The star ratings are separate for different classes of products, such as different screen sizes for cathode ray tube television sets, plasma TV sets and LCD (liquid crystal display) TV sets. The labels are also different for different storage capacities of water heaters. The best rating, which is the five-star label, is 20% better than the current Bureau of Indian Standards specifications.

“There are different kinds of difficulties in coming up with benchmarks. The main barrier in case of geysers was the size of the unorganized sector (40% is unorganized). Also, data provided was not very accurate to predict the correct amount of energy savings and greenhouse gas mitigation. And for products such as refrigerators and air conditioners and geysers, usage pattern, climate and seasons play an important role," said Amit Khare, an associate with ICF International, a global consultancy firm in energy, climate change and environment. ICF worked with BEE to study the sectors for energy efficiency potential.

BEE is currently working on the energy consumption of appliances such as set top boxes and computer monitors in the standby mode.

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