India, US sign six MoUs

India, US sign six MoUs

Washington: India and the US Tuesday signed an MoU on counter-terrorism and five other pacts as they ventured to chart their ties as “one of the defining relations" in the 21st century in which India will have a leadership role in the region and the world.

Besides the Memorandum of Understanding on ‘Advancing Global Security and Countering Terrorism’, the two sides signed pacts covering education and development, health cooperation, economic trade and agriculture, and green partnerships.

The pacts were signed during the visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the first foreign leader to be hosted as the State Guest under the 10-month-old Obama Administration.

Under the MoU on ‘Advancing Global Security and Counter Terrorism’, the two sides committed to redouble their collective efforts to deal effectively with terrorism, while protecting their countries’ common ideals and shared values.

They also committed themselves to strengthening global consensus and legal regimes against terrorism.

Under the MoU, they supported an early start of negotiations on a multilateral, non-discriminatory and internationally verifiable Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty.

The two leaders looked forward to the April 2010 Nuclear Security Summit and agreed to consult each other regularly.