Protests against Deora’s Myanmar visit

Protests against Deora’s Myanmar visit

New Delhi: Dozens of Myanmar pro-democracy activists protested on Monday against petroleum minister Murli Deora’s visit to Yangon, urging New Delhi not to put energy and economic ties ahead of democracy and human rights.

The demonstration in New Delhi came a day after Deora began his visit to Myanmar to boost energy cooperation. The protesters shouted slogans and held placards which read “Hey, Murli Deora, Don’t Go For Gas, Go For Democracy".

Deora is due to hold talks with Myanmar officials to step up energy links and witness the signing of contracts between Indian and Myanmar oil firms for three deep-water exploration blocks.

“It is a shame for the world’s largest democracy to send its cabinet minister to Burma for reasons of exploiting more natural gas from the country at a time when people and monks are protesting against the fuel shortages and economic hardships in Burma," the protesters said in a statement. Reuters