The 3 idiots guide to success

The 3 idiots guide to success

A musical technician | Tapan Raj

Tapan Raj is a moonlighter but it isn’t easy to figure what he’s moonlighting at. His more orthodox career, the one he was formally trained for, is that of a technology consultant. But his better-known career—as one half of MIDIval PunditZ, a successful pair of electronic musicians—has begun to edge the consulting work out of his calendar.

Unlike other moonlighters, Raj, 33, isn’t just pursuing a passion until it begins to pay for a living; if that were true, he would have turned a full-time musician years ago. It is quite the opposite—Raj isn’t prepared to give up on either vocation. Music may be the single largest object of his affections, but “I love technology too much to leave it behind". Click here for more

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