Festive season for Indian CEOs

Festive season for Indian CEOs

October, the onset of the festive season that usually sees an increase in sales for most consumer product companies in India, proved a good month for most of the 20 high-profile corporate and policy leaders tracked by the Mint Influencers Index.

Not only did 15 and 16 of them see their influence rise in the month across Indian and global print media, respectively, the entire group of influencers saw itself being cited more often than it had been in September.

In Indian print media, the influencers were cited 50% more in October (1,336 times) compared with September (894). And in global print media and news services they were cited 107% more in October (1,144 times) compared with September (551).

Evidently, there was a lot of India and Indian CEOs in the international press in October.

The index is a monthly, objective measure, based on media analysis by Factiva, which tracks these leaders, looking at the volume of media citations for each of them as a proxy for their rising or waning influence. The assumption is that visibility and a share of voice is good for them and their companies, and, in the case of global media, collectively the index is a good surrogate for the growing or waning attention that Indian business and economy generate outside the country.

October’s top-ranked influencer across Indian and global media is finance minister P. Chidambaram. However, the person whose influence, as measured by visibility in Indian and global media, soared the most in October is M. Damodaran, head of India’s stock market regulator Sebi. He was cited 450% more in Indian media in October compared with the previous month and 4,250% more in global media, following a decision by the regulator, in October, to clamp down on anonymous inflows of foreign capital into the country’s stock markets.

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