Science graduates prefer career in biotech over agritech

Science graduates prefer career in biotech over agritech

New Delhi: Over 82% of science graduates do not aspire to pursue specialized post graduate courses in agriculture. Their perception is that much much technological infusion is taking place in this field and that they would rather seek opportunities in biotechnology.

A survey was carried out by Assocham onProspects in agriculture Vs biotechnology’ for young scientists which surveyed 500 science students

Key Findings

*Only 18% respondents wanted to pursue studies in agriculture

* Investment in agriculture was perceived to be risk ridden

* 82% felt technological innovations provide for optimum exploitation of biological processes for industrial development but not necessarily agricultural development

* 75% people between 20 to 40 years felt hard work in agriculture was not commensurate with results and that the sector was not tech savvy

* 50% felt if the government could create amenities for young literate population residing in villages and agriculture fed area through agricultural training centres for advanced studies, these would yield results and inspire youngsters to pursue academic and professional courses in agriculture

*60% suggested overall development in village and agri-production

*70% said that government had allocated Rs1000 crore to promote technological innovations in biotechnology while there is hardly any such grant and allocation for promoting technological infusion in agriculture sector


* Special corpus to be created by Union Finance Ministry, in consultation with Agriculture and Food Ministry to promote agri-research in India.

* Central Ministry for Agriculture & Food to take special initiatives with all states and UTs to promote agriculture research in a manner that it does not get centralized as is presently

* Step up efforts for its decentralization so that aspiring agri scientists can access innovations in agriculture