Maharashtra’s deputy chief minister slams MERC

Maharashtra’s deputy chief minister slams MERC

Mumbai: Maharashtra’s deputy chief minister and energy minister Ajit Pawar came down heavily on state power regulator, Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) and accused the regulator of being anti common man and pro corporate.

We have sought legal option on how to declare these anti people decisions null and void and also how can we take action against erroring officials of the MERC, he declared.

Pawar was replying to “calling attention motion" tabled by Shiv Sena’s leader, Subhash Desai in the state assembly on rising tariffs in Mumbai suburban area which is served by Anil Ambani controlled Reliance Infrastrcture Ltd. (R-Infra).

Desai claimed MERC’s recent decision of directing R-Infra to buy power from Wardha Power Ltd. is going to put the burden of 427 crore on suburban Mumbai consumers due to higher tariffs of Wardha Power.

The state power distribution company Mahavitaran Ltd. is locked in legal battle against MERC. Mahavitaran has challenged MERC’s decision to grant open access to Nagpur based company Indo-Rama synthetic Ltd without levying cross-subsidy charges.

Under open access regime consumers above 1 Mw consumption can directly source power from generator or trader bypassing the distribution utility. And distribution utilities don’t want to lose their industrial or commercial consumers who cross subsidies residential, agricultural and below poverty line (BPL) consumers.

However SMS and calls made to MERC chairman V P Raja on his mobile to get his comment on Pawar’s anti regulator remarks remained unanswered.