The world needs a new Noah’s ark

The world needs a new Noah’s ark

New Delhi: P.G. Dhar Chakrabarti, executive director of India’s National Institute of Disaster Management, states that preventing floods is not an option in today’s day and age.

Flash floods in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra have killed an estimated 230 and left over 10 million people homeless. Experts state that the rains were caused by a cyclone off the Bay of Bengal, and that the floods were exacerbated when officials were forced to open dams for fear of them bursting.

Apart from the loss of homes, the destruction of farms, crops and livestock means that millions of farmers will suffer long-term. Health officials are also concerned about the possibility of water-borne diseases spreading in the region.

How did a crisis of this scale occur? P.G. Dhar Chakrabarti executive director of India’s. National Institute of Disaster Management, puts it down to global warming. While measures can be taken to mitigate risk, he believes that in this day and age there is no prevention against floods of this scale.

“Globally people are no longer talking about preventing floods. They are now focusing on living with them. Floods are going to happen – how to deal with them is the issue," he says.

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