India demands ban on JUD and freezing of its assets

India demands ban on JUD and freezing of its assets

United Nations: India has put in a formal request to the UN Security Council seeking a ban on the Jamaat-ud-Dawaah, suspected to be involved in the Mumbai terror attacks, and Pakistan promptly promised to do so if the Council decides to proscribe the group as a terrorist outfit.

Describing the terror groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and its front organisation JUD as “merchants of terror", minister of state for external affairs E. Ahamed said time has come to eliminate such outfits.

He said that by unleashing terror attacks in Mumbai, these groups had brought about a “qualitatively new and dangerous escalation of terrorism".

“India has had experience of such machines which need to be eliminated," Ahamed said, adding that the nexus between state—or elements within the state—and terror outfits must be broken and groups or individuals that indoctrinate, organize, plan and finance terror have to be uprooted along with other measures.

Pakistan ambassador to the UN Abdullah Hussain Haroon on Wednesday, 10 December, handed out an assurance to the council that Islamabad would proscribe the Jamaat-ud-Dawah and freeze its assets on the request of the UNSC.

Islamabad has also assured the world body that all training camps of Lashkar-e-Taiba or any entity of this nature would not be allowed on its territory.

Earlier, Ahamed said, “All those who were in any way responsible for the Mumbai terror attacks, wherever they may be, should be brought to justice."

He said the JUD and other such groups “need to be proscribed internationally and effective sanctions impose against them".