Transparent, consistent policy must for further telecom growth

Transparent, consistent policy must for further telecom growth

New Delhi: Lauding the telecom department for achieving its tele density target ahead of schedule, the government on Tuesday said a transparent and consistent policy framework would ensure further growth in the sector.

“With an overall tele-density achievement of 61% (137% urban and 28% rural), the sector has been a success story so far," said the Mid-Year Analysis of the economy for 2010-11.

The document was tabled by finance minister Pranab Mukherjee in Parliament

It said the sector has been highly successful in attracting private investment and generating additional revenues to the government.

Besides, the mid-year analysis also said the private players are expected to invest about 82% of the total projected investment of 3,45,134 crore in the sector during the 11th Plan.

Outlining several cross-cutting, regional and local level challenges, it said that there is an urgent need to create an enabling environment for the private investment and improve delivery of the public-sector projects at sub-national level.

The analysis document said the growth rate could cross 9% in the current fiscal itself and revert to the pre-crisis levels.

It is estimated that growth in 2010-11 will be 8.75% with 0.35% variation on either side.

The range indicates the possibility of crossing the nine per cent mark this year itself.